The Open Fab

Centralized large-scale commercial foundries and their closed-source chip design processes fundamentally require trusted entities and legal structures for root security. Woosh Network utilizes open source decentralized manufacturing to cut prototyping costs, make low production hardware economically feasible and remove the need for trusted entities for root security, while fostering transparency, open competition and efficient management of IP.


What is a Decentralized Economic Network?

We propose a Decentralized Economic Network, where manufacturers and foundries work off of common Design Libraries. A Decentralized Economic Network (DEN) is possible when producers can be paid directly by consumers for physical devices they produce on a protocol with the cryptocurrency native to that protocol. A DEN protects individuals from malicious interference, censorship and extortion from third parties, such as nation-states, central banks, corrupt regulators and other local, national and transnational institutions.


Follow our development and read the documentation underpinning our technology. Both are open for contribution and comments from the public.


Open-source hardware design and fabrication at the chip level is critical in securing communications, computation and data.

Open-Source Consumer Electronics

Foster the development of open-source operating systems and crypto-based decentralized applications.

Physical Smart Contract Execution

Securely interact with and execute on-chain smart contracts fixed to devices with unique public addresses.

Decentralized Economic Network

Engage in transparent, trustless, permissionless and direct peer-to-peer value transmission and authentication.

Decentralized Server Infrastructure

Set up and administer secure nodes and miners. Run uncensorable, anonymous and decentralized web infrastructure.

Data Transmission Infrastructure

Circumvent state-controlled communications networks, spectrum monopolies, firewalls and internet restrictions using decentralized 4G/5G networks.

Secure Wallets & Storage

Enable storage of any cryptocurrency through open-source private key management and distributed trust mechanisms.

Featured App: HushList

Using the Zcash protocol, HushList allows messaging involving shielded addresses in addition to normal transparent Bitcoin addresses. This creates transactions without disclosing sender, receiver, message (or even that a message existed) or financial transaction amount.

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Featured App: DAppNode

DAppNode creates a simple, easy, self-empowering system specifically for hosting peer-to-peer clients for decentralized applications, cryptocurrencies, VPNs, IPFS and more.

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